Tax Reduction Strategies

If you feel like you're getting crushed by taxes, you're not alone. Many successful doctors, dentists, and veterinarians are burdened with high taxes that impede business growth and threaten personal wealth. At R. Lee Pennington, CPA, LLC, we have solutions that allow you to pay less in tax and keep more of what you earn. We save our clients thousands of dollars each year and we can do the same for you.

As a Certified Tax Coach with the American Institute of Tax Planners, we have advanced training in proactive tax planning. Our specialized techniques will bring significant tax savings on your federal and state taxes by uncovering hidden deductions, finding tax loopholes, and identifying little-known tax credits. Rather than fighting the system, we manipulate the tax code to your benefit by legally and ethically reducing your tax burden. Our proven methods analyze your entire financial picture including business objectives, investment goals, and past tax returns to create a highly-effective tax plan. We constantly update and improve this plan as tax laws change to maintain revenues and limit tax exposure. The results are, you pay the lowest amount of tax possible and money stays where it belongs, in your wallet!

Are you ready to start saving real money on your taxes? Call us now at 404-566-7720 and request your free consultation. As a thank gift you for scheduling your free consultation, you'll receive the book, Writeoffs to the Rescue.

Tax Coaching for Doctors, Dentists, and Vets

Why a Certified Tax Coach

We're specially trained in how to leverage tax deductions and find loopholes that dramatically reduce tax obligations.

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Tax Planning for Big Savings

We proactively plan throughout the year to effectively manage your tax burden and save you the most money on taxes.

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Taxes Done Right

You can count on us to keep up with tax code changes and make sure you never miss an opportunity to save on your taxes.

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Free Consultation

Find out how working with a Certified Tax Coach can make a difference in your bottom line. Schedule your free consultation today.

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Stop Throwing Your Money Away on Taxes

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